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Chiropractor Asad Mirza

My Mission Is To Develop The Excellent World-Recognized Standard In The Field Of Health To Help To Improve Quality Of Life.

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Backache treatment

Backache problem occurs as a result of stress and disc slip in lower lumber spine i.e. L4-L5 S1 and blood flow in this largest nerve of the body is reduced.

Sciatica treatment

Chiropractic care offers non-invasive, holistic treatments for sciatica, addressing the root cause through spinal adjustments to relieve nerve pressure, promoting natural healing and long-term relief at Chiropractor Pain Relief Center.

Neck & Shoulders pain

Neck, Shoulders and Arm pain including Frozen Shoulder is due to stress and compression in Cervical Spine.

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I have serious pain but now I am fully fine.
Ali Akbar
I have a problem in my L2 and I contact him few weeks ago. I just have 4 sessions with him and now I feel very relax. Thanks a lot for your care and treatment.
Abdul Rehman
Thanks for treating me, you are so kind doctor.
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